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Crafting Sustainability, One Journal at a Time

I believe in the power of repurposing and recycling. My passion lies in transforming discarded materials into beautiful and functional pieces of art. With my Junk Journals crafted from various recycled materials, each page tells a unique story while reducing waste and celebrating creativity.

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From personalized gifts to home decor accents, Saacibo offers a treasure trove of crafting ideas for every occasion. Discover innovative ways to incorporate recycled materials and natural elements into your projects, and let your creativity shine through in every creation.

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Experience the magic of natural dyeing with Saacibo’s eco-friendly techniques. Learn how to infuse paper with the vibrant hues of nature using ingredients sourced from your surroundings. Explore the art of botanical dyeing and discover the sustainable beauty it brings to your crafting repertoire.

Join me on a journey where sustainability meets creativity, and together, let’s craft a brighter, greener future—one artful creation at a time. Welcome to Saacibo’s world of eco-crafting and creativity!

I will try to give you as much as I can: tutorials for creating of Junk Journals, my art ideas
(to make your final design better), DIY creative kits with free downloads
how to create something with “nothing”, with recycled materials. Hope my digital designs, printable art, creative sewing tutorials and other things on my website and my Youtube Channel will inspire you…

What is a Junk Journal?

Junk journals

are a form of creative journaling that involves making use of various materials. Scraps of paper, fabric, stickers, and other embellishments to create an eclectic and visually interesting junk journal.

These journals are often filled with collages, drawings, photographs, and various memorabilia. They can be used for things like art journaling, documenting memories, creative writing, or simply as a fun and relaxing way of expressing oneself.

Junk journals are typically created by hand (hand made). They can be customized in a variety of ways to suit the individual user’s preferences and creative style.

The possibilities for junk journal themes are endless. Have fun and pick a theme that speaks to you and your interests and start your project today!


Nature Junk Journal – Collaged Master Board Cover and Original Artwork

Journal Cover:

– Cover consist of fabric, soft underlay, recycled cereal box and packaging paper

– Fabric on the cover is my eco print, I used chestnut leaves and grape juice to dye the fabric. I stenciled snowflakes in blue and purple on top as well, proces video here: PROCESS VIDEO

– Inside of the cover is original gelli print and two fabric pockets

– Size 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall

– Front is decorated with a snowflake, deer and snowman charm, made by me.

Various themes for Junk Journals:

Making a junk journal with a specific theme can be a fun and creative way to document your thoughts, memories, or interests.


Here are a few ideas for junk journal themes:

  • Travel journal: Use maps, postcards, ticket stubs, and other travel ephemera to create a journal that documents your adventures on the road.

  • Nature journal: Use pressed flowers or leaves, nature photographs, and other natural elements to create a journal that celebrates the great outdoors.

  • Art journal: Use paint, markers, and other art supplies to create a journal that showcases your artistic talents.

  • Recipe journal: Use craft paper, recipe cards, and stickers to create a journal that documents your favorite recipes and food memories.

  • Gratitude journal: Use inspirational quotes, gratitude prompts, and other uplifting elements to create a journal that helps you focus on the good things in life.

  • Garden journal: Use seed packets, gardening tips, and photographs of plants to create a journal that celebrates your love of gardening.

  • Memory journal: Use photos, letters, and other memorabilia to create a journal that captures important moments in your life.